Vernon Parish School Board

AUGUST 6: New Teacher Induction

AUGUST 7: Professional Development at School Site

AUGUST 8: Teacher Work Day


SEPTEMBER 3: Labor Day (Student & Staff Holiday)

OCTOBER 4: Staff Inservice School Level / Parent-Teacher Conference Student Holiday

OCTOBER 5: Fair Day (Student & Staff Holiday)

OCTOBER 8: Columbus Day

NOVEMBER 12: Veteran's Day observed (Student & Staff Holiday)

NOVEMBER 19-23: Thanksgiving Break (Student & Staff Holiday)

DECEMBER 24-JANUARY 4: Christmas/Winter Break (Student & Staff Holiday)

JANUARY 7: Teacher Work Day

JANUARY 21: Martin Luther King Day (Student & Staff Holiday)

FEBRUARY 15: Parent Teacher Conference

FEBRUARY 18: Presidents Day (Student & Staff Holiday)

MARCH 4-5: Mardi Gras (Student & Staff Holiday)

APRIL 15-22: Easter/Spring Break (Student & Staff Holiday)

APRIL 23: Staff Work Day

APRIL 1-MAY 3: State Testing (3-8 CBT)

APRIL 15-MAY 17: State Testing (HS CBT)

APRIL 29-MAY 3: State Testing (PBT 3-4)

MAY 23: Last Day for Students

MAY 24: Last Day for Teachers

1st Semester ends Dec. 21, 2018: 87 Student Days

2nd Semester ends May 23, 2019: 86 Student Days

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