UPDATED: We now have the entire group of Student of the Year Award Winners!

The Vernon Parish School Board met at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, February 11, 2020, in the School Board Building meeting room.

The Board approved budget amendments related to personnel changes, authorized the president and secretary to pay claims, accepted employee retirements and approved head start policies.

A resolution was adopted providing for an amendment of the redemption provisions for the outstanding General Obligation School refunding bonds, series 2014.

The Board recognized students of the year from each school, both at the school level and district level, listed below.

Andrew Nunn, from the Districts, IT Department was named Employee of the Month.

Board Member Vernon Travis shared a report from the Athletic Committee: the effort of LHSAA to combine select and non select schools, failed so there will be no changes at this time to school districts, Vernon Parish should have five basketball teams in the playoffs – the girls will run 3/3-3/7 and the boys 3/10-3/14, all in Lake Charles.

Superintendent Williams shared that the Vernon Parish Quiz bowl is this Thursday at the LHS auditorium, it will be live-streamed on the the district website.

Memorial resolutions were made for Ms. Jimmie Ellis and Mr. John B. Pourteaux, Jr.

The meeting adjourned.

Vernon Parish Students of the Year (by school):

Anacoco 5th grade: Riley Draughn

Anacoco 8th grade: Anniston Manely

Anacoco High School: Taylor Laughlin

Evans 5th grade: Ryker Blackmon

Evans 8th grade: Chelsea Kay

Evans High School: Kallynn Higgenbotham

Hicks 5th grade: McKenzie Wolff

Hicks 8th grade: Emma Merchant

Hicks High School: Cosette Langlinais

Hornbeck 5th grade: Harlynn Stracener

Hornbeck 8th grade: Abby Nichols

Hornbeck High School: Wyatt Woodell

Vernon Middle 5th: Byrcen Dowden

Leesville Junior High 8th: Allie Wittenhagen

Leesville High School: Caleb Crouse

Pickering 5th grade: Savanna Westbrooks

Pickering 8th grade: Dylan Gallion

Pickering High School: Brennen Vinson

Pitkin 5th grade: Hayden Perkins

Pitkin 8th grade: Isabella McDaniel

Pitkin High School: Ashton Iber

Rosepine 5th: Tom McPherson

Rosepine 8th: Houston Bryant

Rosepine High School: Leah Thompson

Simpson 5th: Abigail Martin

Simpson 8th: Wyatt Shaver

Simpson High School: Kyle Everidge

District Winners:

Pickering 5th grade: Savanna Westbrooks

Pickering 8th grade: Dylan Gallion

Rosepine High School: Leah Thompson


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