LDH Updated Quarantine Guidance

Vernon Parish School Board

201 Belview Rd.

Leesville, LA 71446

Close Contact: Person who is closer than 6' for more than 15 minutes or direct contact of the positive case, trace back 48 hours before symptom onset or test date.

Asymptomatic Close Contact

Day of Contact=Day 0

-Quarantine can END AFTER DAY 5 (post exposure) if no symptoms develop

*LDH recommends testing on day 5 return to school day 6

**The following criteria must be met to end Shortened Quarantine:

1. Masks should be worn at all times for the following 5 Days

(if no mask will be worn quarantine full 10 days)

2. Self monitoring of symptoms for the entire 10 days post exposure

3. Social Distance (avoid crowded indoor spaces)

4. Hand washing

 Symptomatic Close Contact

-Recommend to see primary health care provider and get tested for Covid-19

-If positive isolate 5 days from symptom onset

-If no test administered quarantine 10 days

Vaccinated Persons with an exposure No Quarantine If:

1. Staff: completed mRNA within the last 6 months or J&J within the last 2 months

Or have completed a booster vaccine

2. Students: completed mRNA series

3. Have remained asymptomatic since current COVID-19 exposure

4. Masks should be worn for 10 days post exposure

Confirmed Positive Persons with an exposure No Quarantine if:

1. Fully recovered and within 90 days of confirmed positive test

2. Have remained asymptomatic since current COVID-19 exposure

**Positive for COVID-19**

-Isolate for 5 days from symptom onset

-If no symptoms isolate for 5 days following test date

*Masks should worn at all times the following 5 days

(if no mask will be worn isolate 10 days)

-Return to school if no symptoms or symptoms are resolving

-Stay home until fever resolves (24 hours fever free without medication)

*Notification of Close Contact only needs to take place once a positive case is confirmed or deemed necessary by RMD.

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