Today's update from the LA Dept. of Health has the number of total cases for the State at 230,602, an increase of 5,058 in the past two days (there was no update Thanksgiving Day). These numbers list 1,425 cases for Vernon, 1,360 cases for Beauregard, 2,103 cases for Allen, 6,252 cases for Rapides, 10,393 cases for Calcasieu, 1,451 cases for Sabine, and 2,041 cases for Natchitoches Parish. The numbers show 6,391 deaths so far from COVID-19 in the State, with 62 from Vernon Parish and 50 from Beauregard Parish.

Texas has reported a total of 1,147,045 cases with 122 case in Sabine County, 199 cases in Newton County, 547 cases in Jasper County, 2,530 cases in Orange County, and 10,187 cases in Jefferson County.

The Parish-by-Parish data for Louisiana is listed at the bottom of this page. The Louisiana Department of Health updates case numbers once a day online at

As of November 24th, Louisiana has been moved back to a revised Phase 2 of reopening (Click here to read the Governor’s updated order)

Louisiana’s statewide mask mandate remains in place. Major changes to Louisiana’s COVID-19 restrictions include the below:

  • All Louisianans are encouraged to avoid gatherings of individuals not part of their households.
  • All businesses, private and public sectors, are encouraged to use remote work where they can.
  • All restaurants are limited to 50% of their indoor capacity. Restaurants should move as much dining outdoors as they can. Social distancing is required.
  • For bars in parishes above 5% positivity, bars are closed to indoor sales and consumption but open for outdoor consumption at tables only and at 25% capacity, with a maximum of 50 people. Social distancing is required. Take-out and delivery will still be available.
  • Retail businesses at 50% capacity, except for essential businesses, as defined by federal guidance from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.
  • Gyms may be open at 50% of their capacity.
  • Places of worship will remain at a maximum of 75% of their capacity or the number of people who can physically distance with at least six feet between each immediate household. The State Fire Marshal will put out additional COVID mitigation measures to make services safer.
  • Barber and beauty shops, and nail salons may open at 50% of their capacity.
  • Movie theaters may open at 50% of their capacity.
  • Indoor gatherings at event/receptions centers are limited to 25% capacity or up to 75 individuals.
  • Outdoor gatherings at event/reception centers are limited to 25% capacity or up to 150 individuals when strict physical distancing is not possible.
  • All sporting events will be capped at 25% capacity.


For confirmed infections, reported illnesses have ranged from infected people with little to no symptoms (similar to the common cold) to people being severely ill and dying. Symptoms can include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • Chills
  • Repeated shaking with chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell

CDC believes at this time that symptoms of COVID-19 may appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 after exposure.

Questions about Coronavirus?

If you have questions about Coronavirus, please contact the Coronavirus general information line at 1-855-523-2652 from 8 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

 Parish-by-Parish data: 

Acadia Total Deaths 118

Acadia Confirmed Deaths 115

Acadia Probable Deaths 3

Acadia Total Cases 3,950

Acadia Confirmed Cases 3,909

Acadia Probable Cases 41

Acadia Total Tests 46,792

Acadia Molecular Tests 46,495

Acadia Antigen Tests 297

Allen Total Deaths 68

Allen Confirmed Deaths 68

Allen Probable Deaths 0

Allen Total Cases 2,103

Allen Confirmed Cases 2,047

Allen Probable Cases 56

Allen Total Tests 23,688

Allen Molecular Tests 23,318

Allen Antigen Tests 370

Ascension Total Deaths 107

Ascension Confirmed Deaths 102

Ascension Probable Deaths 5

Ascension Total Cases 5,614

Ascension Confirmed Cases 5,260

Ascension Probable Cases 354

Ascension Total Tests 56,275

Ascension Molecular Tests 53,917

Ascension Antigen Tests 2,358

Assumption Total Deaths 25

Assumption Confirmed Deaths 24

Assumption Probable Deaths 1

Assumption Total Cases 1,016

Assumption Confirmed Cases 941

Assumption Probable Cases 75

Assumption Total Tests 12,561

Assumption Molecular Tests 12,010

Assumption Antigen Tests 551

Avoyelles Total Deaths 68

Avoyelles Confirmed Deaths 66

Avoyelles Probable Deaths 2

Avoyelles Total Cases 2,069

Avoyelles Confirmed Cases 1,977

Avoyelles Probable Cases 92

Avoyelles Total Tests 35,296

Avoyelles Molecular Tests 34,665

Avoyelles Antigen Tests 631

Beauregard Total Deaths 50

Beauregard Confirmed Deaths 46

Beauregard Probable Deaths 4

Beauregard Total Cases 1,360

Beauregard Confirmed Cases 1,328

Beauregard Probable Cases 32

Beauregard Total Tests 14,650

Beauregard Molecular Tests 14,361

Beauregard Antigen Tests 289

Bienville Total Deaths 37

Bienville Confirmed Deaths 35

Bienville Probable Deaths 2

Bienville Total Cases 770

Bienville Confirmed Cases 743

Bienville Probable Cases 27

Bienville Total Tests 14,845

Bienville Molecular Tests 14,678

Bienville Antigen Tests 167

Bossier Total Deaths 152

Bossier Confirmed Deaths 148

Bossier Probable Deaths 4

Bossier Total Cases 6,244

Bossier Confirmed Cases 5,921

Bossier Probable Cases 323

Bossier Total Tests 95,576

Bossier Molecular Tests 93,709

Bossier Antigen Tests 1,867

Caddo Total Deaths 445

Caddo Total Cases 13,183

Caddo Confirmed Cases 13,025

Caddo Probable Cases 158

Caddo Confirmed Deaths 435

Caddo Probable Deaths 10

Caddo Total Tests 221,457

Caddo Molecular Tests 218,019

Caddo Antigen Tests 3,438

Calcasieu Total Cases 10,393

Calcasieu Confirmed Cases 9,680

Calcasieu Probable Cases 713

Calcasieu Total Deaths 245

Calcasieu Confirmed Deaths 239

Calcasieu Probable Deaths 6

Calcasieu Total Tests 101,299

Calcasieu Molecular Tests 96,688

Calcasieu Antigen Tests 4,611

Caldwell Total Cases 636

Caldwell Confirmed Cases 550

Caldwell Probable Cases 86

Caldwell Antigen Tests 594

Caldwell Total Deaths 9

Caldwell Confirmed Deaths 8

Caldwell Probable Deaths 1

Caldwell Total Tests 8,925

Caldwell Molecular Tests 8,331

Cameron Total Cases 288

Cameron Total Tests 2,689

Cameron Molecular Tests 2,541

Cameron Antigen Tests 148

Cameron Total Deaths 3

Cameron Confirmed Deaths 3

Cameron Probable Deaths 0

Cameron Confirmed Cases 277

Cameron Probable Cases 11

Catahoula Total Tests 7,885

Catahoula Molecular Tests 7,455

Catahoula Antigen Tests 430

Catahoula Total Deaths 18

Catahoula Confirmed Deaths 16

Catahoula Probable Deaths 2

Catahoula Total Cases 625

Catahoula Confirmed Cases 557

Catahoula Probable Cases 68

Claiborne Total Tests 12,525

Claiborne Molecular Tests 11,679

Claiborne Antigen Tests 846

Claiborne Total Deaths 30

Claiborne Confirmed Deaths 29

Claiborne Probable Deaths 1

Claiborne Total Cases 737

Claiborne Confirmed Cases 696

Claiborne Probable Cases 41

Concordia Total Tests 11,567

Concordia Molecular Tests 10,991

Concordia Antigen Tests 576

Concordia Total Deaths 25

Concordia Confirmed Deaths 19

Concordia Probable Deaths 6

Concordia Total Cases 981

Concordia Confirmed Cases 890

Concordia Probable Cases 91

De Soto Total Tests 18,778

De Soto Total Deaths 39

De Soto Molecular Tests 18,586

De Soto Antigen Tests 192

De Soto Confirmed Deaths 37

De Soto Probable Deaths 2

De Soto Total Cases 1,253

De Soto Confirmed Cases 1,229

De Soto Probable Cases 24

East Baton Rouge Total Tests 245,350

East Baton Rouge Molecular Tests 236,502

East Baton Rouge Antigen Tests 8,848

East Baton Rouge Total Deaths 511

East Baton Rouge Confirmed Deaths 487

East Baton Rouge Probable Deaths 24

East Baton Rouge Total Cases 19,710

East Baton Rouge Confirmed Cases 18,688

East Baton Rouge Probable Cases 1,022

East Carroll Total Tests 7,257

East Carroll Molecular Tests 7,206

East Carroll Antigen Tests 51

East Carroll Total Deaths 9

East Carroll Confirmed Deaths 9

East Carroll Probable Deaths 0

East Carroll Total Cases 741

East Carroll Confirmed Cases 734

East Carroll Probable Cases 7

East Feliciana Total Tests 27,065

East Feliciana Molecular Tests 25,019

East Feliciana Antigen Tests 2,046

East Feliciana Total Deaths 84

East Feliciana Confirmed Deaths 83

East Feliciana Probable Deaths 1

East Feliciana Total Cases 2,122

East Feliciana Confirmed Cases 1,893

East Feliciana Probable Cases 229

Evangeline Total Tests 26,841

Evangeline Molecular Tests 26,068

Evangeline Antigen Tests 773

Evangeline Total Deaths 44

Evangeline Confirmed Deaths 43

Evangeline Probable Deaths 1

Evangeline Total Cases 1,916

Evangeline Confirmed Cases 1,797

Evangeline Probable Cases 119

Franklin Total Tests 25,796

Franklin Molecular Tests 25,317

Franklin Antigen Tests 479

Franklin Total Deaths 64

Franklin Confirmed Deaths 64

Franklin Probable Deaths 0

Franklin Total Cases 1,716

Franklin Confirmed Cases 1,682

Franklin Probable Cases 34

Grant Total Tests 14,051

Grant Molecular Tests 13,542

Grant Antigen Tests 509

Grant Total Deaths 32

Grant Confirmed Deaths 31

Grant Total Cases 813

Grant Confirmed Cases 739

Grant Probable Cases 74

Grant Probable Deaths 1

Iberia Total Tests 43,836

Iberia Molecular Tests 42,055

Iberia Antigen Tests 1,781

Iberia Total Cases 3,671

Iberia Confirmed Cases 3,566

Iberia Probable Cases 105

Iberia Total Deaths 106

Iberia Confirmed Deaths 103

Iberia Probable Deaths 3

Iberville Total Tests 20,420

Iberville Molecular Tests 19,849

Iberville Antigen Tests 571

Iberville Total Cases 1,966

Iberville Confirmed Cases 1,881

Iberville Probable Cases 85

Iberville Total Deaths 65

Iberville Confirmed Deaths 65

Iberville Probable Deaths 0

Jackson Total Tests 15,326

Jackson Molecular Tests 14,737

Jackson Antigen Tests 589

Jackson Total Cases 1,146

Jackson Confirmed Cases 1,064

Jackson Probable Cases 82

Jackson Total Deaths 31

Jackson Confirmed Deaths 30

Jackson Probable Deaths 1

Jefferson Total Tests 311,837

Jefferson Molecular Tests 305,338

Jefferson Antigen Tests 6,499

Jefferson Total Cases 22,389

Jefferson Confirmed Cases 21,800

Jefferson Probable Cases 589

Jefferson Total Deaths 629

Jefferson Confirmed Deaths 604

Jefferson Probable Deaths 25

Jefferson Davis Total Tests 25,111

Jefferson Davis Molecular Tests 24,739

Jefferson Davis Antigen Tests 372

Jefferson Davis Total Cases 1,712

Jefferson Davis Confirmed Cases 1,650

Jefferson Davis Probable Cases 62

Jefferson Davis Total Deaths 51

Jefferson Davis Confirmed Deaths 49

Jefferson Davis Probable Deaths 2

La Salle Total Tests 15,132

La Salle Molecular Tests 13,077

La Salle Antigen Tests 2,055

La Salle Total Cases 882

La Salle Confirmed Cases 657

La Salle Probable Cases 225

La Salle Total Deaths 20

La Salle Confirmed Deaths 13

La Salle Probable Deaths 7

Lafayette Total Tests 183,390

Lafayette Molecular Tests 181,256

Lafayette Antigen Tests 2,134

Lafayette Total Cases 12,035

Lafayette Confirmed Cases 11,657

Lafayette Probable Cases 378

Lafayette Total Deaths 146

Lafayette Confirmed Deaths 145

Lafayette Probable Deaths 1

Lafourche Total Tests 63,377

Lafourche Molecular Tests 60,747

Lafourche Antigen Tests 2,630

Lafourche Total Cases 4,672

Lafourche Confirmed Cases 4,335

Lafourche Probable Cases 337

Lafourche Total Deaths 139

Lafourche Confirmed Deaths 135

Lafourche Probable Deaths 4

Lincoln Total Tests 38,404

Lincoln Molecular Tests 35,678

Lincoln Antigen Tests 2,726

Lincoln Total Cases 2,501

Lincoln Confirmed Cases 2,195

Lincoln Probable Cases 306

Lincoln Total Deaths 59

Lincoln Confirmed Deaths 57

Lincoln Probable Deaths 2

Livingston Total Tests 62,698

Livingston Molecular Tests 58,419

Livingston Antigen Tests 4,279

Livingston Total Cases 5,897

Livingston Confirmed Cases 5,273

Livingston Probable Cases 624

Livingston Total Deaths 90

Livingston Confirmed Deaths 87

Livingston Probable Deaths 3

Madison Total Tests 12,817

Madison Molecular Tests 12,470

Madison Antigen Tests 347

Madison Total Cases 1,053

Madison Confirmed Cases 1,031

Madison Probable Cases 22

Madison Total Deaths 13

Madison Confirmed Deaths 12

Madison Probable Deaths 1

Morehouse Total Tests 26,745

Morehouse Molecular Tests 26,161

Morehouse Antigen Tests 584

Morehouse Total Cases 1,374

Morehouse Confirmed Cases 1,305

Morehouse Probable Cases 69

Morehouse Total Deaths 30

Morehouse Confirmed Deaths 30

Morehouse Probable Deaths 0

Natchitoches Total Tests 26,771

Natchitoches Molecular Tests 26,069

Natchitoches Antigen Tests 702

Natchitoches Total Cases 2,041

Natchitoches Confirmed Cases 1,958

Natchitoches Probable Cases 83

Natchitoches Total Deaths 46

Natchitoches Confirmed Deaths 43

Natchitoches Probable Deaths 3

Orleans Total Tests 424,929

Orleans Molecular Tests 418,915

Orleans Antigen Tests 6,014

Orleans Total Cases 15,716

Orleans Confirmed Cases 15,499

Orleans Probable Cases 217

Orleans Total Deaths 646

Orleans Confirmed Deaths 607

Orleans Probable Deaths 39

Ouachita Total Tests 129,830

Ouachita Molecular Tests 127,897

Ouachita Antigen Tests 1,933

Ouachita Total Cases 9,938

Ouachita Confirmed Cases 9,516

Ouachita Probable Cases 422

Ouachita Total Deaths 211

Ouachita Confirmed Deaths 193

Ouachita Probable Deaths 18

Out of State Total Tests 107,642

Out of State Molecular Tests 104,065

Out of State Antigen Tests 3,577

Parish Under Investigation Total Tests 2,642

Parish Under Investigation Molecular Tests 2,640

Parish Under Investigation Antigen Tests 2

Parish Under Investigation Total Cases 382

Parish Under Investigation Confirmed Cases 379

Parish Under Investigation Probable Cases 3

Parish Under Investigation Total Deaths 0

Parish Under Investigation Confirmed Deaths 0

Parish Under Investigation Probable Deaths 0

Plaquemines Total Tests 14,981

Plaquemines Molecular Tests 13,712

Plaquemines Antigen Tests 1,269

Plaquemines Total Cases 1,132

Plaquemines Confirmed Cases 1,020

Plaquemines Probable Cases 112

Plaquemines Total Deaths 19

Plaquemines Confirmed Deaths 19

Plaquemines Probable Deaths 0

Pointe Coupee Total Tests 15,532

Pointe Coupee Molecular Tests 14,835

Pointe Coupee Antigen Tests 697

Pointe Coupee Total Cases 1,368

Pointe Coupee Confirmed Cases 1,261

Pointe Coupee Probable Cases 107

Pointe Coupee Total Deaths 49

Pointe Coupee Confirmed Deaths 46

Pointe Coupee Probable Deaths 3

Rapides Probable Deaths 6

Rapides Total Tests 104,189

Rapides Molecular Tests 100,475

Rapides Antigen Tests 3,714

Rapides Total Cases 6,252

Rapides Confirmed Cases 5,709

Rapides Probable Cases 543

Rapides Total Deaths 188

Rapides Confirmed Deaths 182

Red River Total Deaths 26

Red River Confirmed Deaths 25

Red River Probable Deaths 1

Red River Total Tests 6,124

Red River Molecular Tests 6,091

Red River Antigen Tests 33

Red River Total Cases 567

Red River Confirmed Cases 563

Red River Probable Cases 4

Richland Total Deaths 27

Richland Confirmed Deaths 24

Richland Probable Deaths 3

Richland Total Tests 20,733

Richland Molecular Tests 19,467

Richland Antigen Tests 1,266

Richland Total Cases 1,390

Richland Confirmed Cases 1,203

Richland Probable Cases 187

Sabine Total Tests 18,183

Sabine Probable Cases 145

Sabine Molecular Tests 17,130

Sabine Antigen Tests 1,053

Sabine Total Deaths 21

Sabine Confirmed Deaths 20

Sabine Probable Deaths 1

Sabine Total Cases 1,451

Sabine Confirmed Cases 1,306

St. Bernard Total Cases 1,800

St. Bernard Confirmed Cases 1,733

St. Bernard Total Tests 28,817

St. Bernard Probable Cases 67

St. Bernard Molecular Tests 28,225

St. Bernard Antigen Tests 592

St. Bernard Total Deaths 34

St. Bernard Confirmed Deaths 32

St. Bernard Probable Deaths 2

St. Charles Total Cases 2,562

St. Charles Confirmed Cases 2,310

St. Charles Probable Cases 252

St. Charles Total Tests 35,408

St. Charles Molecular Tests 33,852

St. Charles Antigen Tests 1,556

St. Charles Total Deaths 70

St. Charles Confirmed Deaths 68

St. Charles Probable Deaths 2

St. Helena Total Cases 512

St. Helena Confirmed Cases 466

St. Helena Probable Cases 46

St. Helena Total Tests 7,675

St. Helena Molecular Tests 6,918

St. Helena Antigen Tests 757

St. Helena Total Deaths 4

St. Helena Confirmed Deaths 4

St. Helena Probable Deaths 0

St. James Total Cases 979

St. James Confirmed Cases 949

St. James Probable Cases 30

St. James Total Tests 13,404

St. James Molecular Tests 13,183

St. James Antigen Tests 221

St. James Total Deaths 40

St. James Confirmed Deaths 40

St. James Probable Deaths 0

St. John the Baptist Total Cases 1,978

St. John the Baptist Confirmed Cases 1,941

St. John the Baptist Probable Cases 37

St. John the Baptist Total Tests 27,725

St. John the Baptist Molecular Tests 27,473

St. John the Baptist Antigen Tests 252

St. John the Baptist Total Deaths 115

St. John the Baptist Confirmed Deaths 109

St. John the Baptist Probable Deaths 6

St. Landry Total Cases 5,004

St. Landry Confirmed Cases 4,810

St. Landry Probable Cases 194

St. Landry Total Tests 68,431

St. Landry Molecular Tests 67,482

St. Landry Antigen Tests 949

St. Landry Total Deaths 154

St. Landry Confirmed Deaths 151

St. Landry Probable Deaths 3

St. Martin Total Cases 2,704

St. Martin Confirmed Cases 2,649

St. Martin Probable Cases 55

St. Martin Total Tests 36,790

St. Martin Molecular Tests 36,361

St. Martin Antigen Tests 429

St. Martin Total Deaths 71

St. Martin Confirmed Deaths 66

St. Martin Probable Deaths 5

St. Mary Total Cases 2,354

St. Mary Confirmed Cases 2,254

St. Mary Probable Cases 100

St. Mary Total Tests 27,748

St. Mary Molecular Tests 26,766

St. Mary Antigen Tests 982

St. Mary Total Deaths 95

St. Mary Confirmed Deaths 89

St. Mary Probable Deaths 6

St. Tammany Total Cases 10,283

St. Tammany Confirmed Cases 9,392

St. Tammany Probable Cases 891

St. Tammany Total Tests 168,231

St. Tammany Molecular Tests 159,095

St. Tammany Antigen Tests 9,136

St. Tammany Total Deaths 291

St. Tammany Confirmed Deaths 287

St. Tammany Probable Deaths 4

Tangipahoa Total Cases 6,571

Tangipahoa Confirmed Cases 5,894

Tangipahoa Probable Cases 677

Tangipahoa Total Tests 82,325

Tangipahoa Molecular Tests 78,203

Tangipahoa Antigen Tests 4,122

Tangipahoa Total Deaths 143

Tangipahoa Confirmed Deaths 138

Tangipahoa Probable Deaths 5

Tensas Total Cases 216

Tensas Confirmed Cases 212

Tensas Probable Cases 4

Tensas Total Tests 1,892

Tensas Molecular Tests 1,861

Tensas Antigen Tests 31

Tensas Total Deaths 3

Tensas Confirmed Deaths 3

Tensas Probable Deaths 0

Terrebonne Total Cases 4,455

Terrebonne Confirmed Cases 4,261

Terrebonne Probable Cases 194

Terrebonne Total Tests 60,800

Terrebonne Molecular Tests 59,185

Terrebonne Antigen Tests 1,615

Terrebonne Total Deaths 136

Terrebonne Confirmed Deaths 131

Terrebonne Probable Deaths 5

Union Total Cases 1,408

Union Confirmed Cases 1,306

Union Probable Cases 102

Union Total Tests 18,809

Union Molecular Tests 18,256

Union Antigen Tests 553

Union Total Deaths 57

Union Confirmed Deaths 55

Union Probable Deaths 2

Vermilion Total Cases 2,581

Vermilion Confirmed Cases 2,547

Vermilion Probable Cases 34

Vermilion Total Tests 38,925

Vermilion Molecular Tests 38,435

Vermilion Antigen Tests 490

Vermilion Total Deaths 75

Vermilion Confirmed Deaths 74

Vermilion Probable Deaths 1

Vernon Total Cases 1,425

Vernon Confirmed Cases 1,367

Vernon Probable Cases 58

Vernon Total Tests 18,928

Vernon Molecular Tests 18,473

Vernon Antigen Tests 455

Vernon Total Deaths 62

Vernon Confirmed Deaths 59

Vernon Probable Deaths 3

Washington Total Cases 2,264

Washington Confirmed Cases 1,948

Washington Probable Cases 316

Washington Total Tests 32,659

Washington Molecular Tests 30,110

Washington Antigen Tests 2,549

Washington Total Deaths 78

Washington Confirmed Deaths 75

Washington Probable Deaths 3

Webster Total Cases 2,001

Webster Confirmed Cases 1,867

Webster Probable Cases 134

Webster Total Tests 32,304

Webster Molecular Tests 31,398

Webster Antigen Tests 906

Webster Total Deaths 54

Webster Confirmed Deaths 50

Webster Probable Deaths 4

West Baton Rouge Total Cases 1,324

West Baton Rouge Confirmed Cases 1,218

West Baton Rouge Probable Cases 106

West Baton Rouge Total Tests 13,280

West Baton Rouge Molecular Tests 12,531

West Baton Rouge Antigen Tests 749

West Baton Rouge Total Deaths 43

West Baton Rouge Confirmed Deaths 42

West Baton Rouge Probable Deaths 1

West Carroll Total Cases 634

West Carroll Confirmed Cases 601

West Carroll Probable Cases 33

West Carroll Total Tests 9,242

West Carroll Molecular Tests 9,000

West Carroll Antigen Tests 242

West Carroll Total Deaths 20

West Carroll Confirmed Deaths 17

West Carroll Probable Deaths 3

West Feliciana Total Cases 801

West Feliciana Confirmed Cases 799

West Feliciana Probable Cases 2

West Feliciana Total Tests 10,174

West Feliciana Molecular Tests 9,989

West Feliciana Antigen Tests 185

West Feliciana Total Deaths 25

West Feliciana Confirmed Deaths 25

West Feliciana Probable Deaths 0

Winn Total Cases 971

Winn Confirmed Cases 881

Winn Probable Cases 90

Winn Total Tests 13,790

Winn Molecular Tests 13,222

Winn Antigen Tests 568

Winn Total Deaths 26

Winn Confirmed Deaths 25

Winn Probable Deaths 1

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