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First row from left to right: Toni Alridge, Alan Bryant, Russell Haynes, James Holoubeck, Eric Hull, Kylie Johnson, Lindsey Maggio, Logan Matheny
Second row left to right: Nicole McCook, Devin McGrew, Jasmine Mitchell, Veronica Morris, Aimee Roy, Brandon Roy, Amber Silvio
Third row left to right: Anitra Simmons, Chelsea Smith, Katie Southern, Michelle Sullivan, Anne Sun, Taryn Waterhouse, Nedra Winston

The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (DPS&C) – Corrections Services officially welcomed 22 new Probation and Parole Officers to the Department after they took the oath of office this morning during a swearing in ceremony at the Louisiana State Police Training Auditorium in Baton Rouge.

New Officer will work in Districts across the state with 2 new officers reporting the Natchitoches District and 3 to Lake Charles.

From the Lake Charles District Brandon Roy was a honor graduate and Aimee Roy received the physical fitness award.

Department of Public Safety and Corrections P.O.S.T. certified Probation and Parole officers supervise 62,000 individuals on probation and/or parole across the state, emphasizing public safety while also helping the individual access resources that will aid in his/her efforts to become a productive member of society rather than a tax burden

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