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In an audit of the Village of Clarence accounts, Legislative auditors located a utility trailer that had been reported stolen from the Village of Clarence at the residence of former Mayor Tommy Evans on Jones Street in Winnfield, LA.

The criminal investigation resulted in a search warrant at the Winnfield residence. Items seized were a black utility trailer, Kubota backhoe attachment, John Deere Gator UTV and a Stihl polesaw which had all been reported stolen from the Village of Clarence. Former

Mayor Evans gave investigators several conflicting stories on how the items came to be at his residence, and after interviewing others close to the investigation, probable cause led Investigators to secure warrants for 4-counts of Unauthorized Use of a Moveable.

It was also learned of a complaint involving a former Village clerk receiving a $5,000.00 severance pay check that they may not have been entitled to, which was allegedly authorized by then Mayor Evans.

After several months of investigation and interviews probable cause was established and warrants were secured on Evans for 1-count of Malfeasance in Office.

Evans was arrested by Winnfield Police on Natchitoches warrants, late Wednesday afternoon and held overnight before being picked up by NPSO Warrants Deputies and transferred to Natchitoches yesterday morning.

Tommy Evans, 52, who gave an address of 329 Greenville Drive, Clarence, La. was booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center charged with 4-counts of Unauthorized Use of a Moveable and 1-count of Malfeasance in Office.

Evans has been released on a $25,000 property bond set by a Tenth Judicial District Court Judge pending his court appearance.

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