The Leesville City Council met yesterday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.

All jurors were in attendance, Mayor Allen was absent.

Five pay requests were made for the Leesville Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund Improvement Plan for a total of $7117.86 and for the 17-18 Street Rehabilitation Project in the amount of $1291.12. All were approved.

City Engineer Mark McCarty updated information on street repairs.

Lt. David Burnett was recognized for his retirement after 16 years with the Leesville Police Department.

Ordinances 6, 7, and 8 were introduced covering rezoning from A-7 Multi-Family Urban District to A-6 Single Family Urban District to allow for a mobile home in District 2; to accept the application for annexation of New Willow Baptist Church and its properties into the corporate city limits of Leesville; and provide notice to correct prohibited conditions of property, provide authority for the City to correct prohibited conditions of property and providing for liability for costs of such correction by the City. The public hearing for all 3 ordinances will be July 8, 2019.

A resolution was voted on to authorize the Notice to Proceed submitted by Meyer and Associates regarding the rehabilitation of the elevated water storage tanks.

A Resolution was voted on to accept and authorize the Mayor to sign the Notice of Substantial Completion for Phase 2 of the 17-18 Leesville Rehabilitation project.

A resolution was voted upon for Council approval to authorize Meyer and Associates to complete preliminary work to prepare for the annexation of New Willow Baptist Church into the corporate City Limits of Leesville.

And, a resolution was voted upon to accept Change Order No. 1 from Meyer and Meyers Associates, Inc. on the screen washing and inspection for well 16.

All were passed.

City Administrator Patti Larney brought up the recent boil advisory for the City of Leesville and the method of distributing such information. That information is put out on Facebook and through local media, however, the most reliable way to receive such information is by subscribing the the Nixel notification system. Text your zip code to 888777 to sign up for mobile alerts.


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