Leesville Council

Source: City of Leesville

Leesville City Council met at 3:00 p.m. Monday, June 28, 2021. Councilman Shapkoff was absent.

A public hearing was held to obtain views on the housing and community development needs of the City of Leesville and to discuss an application for funding under the State of Louisiana FY 2022-2023 LA Community Block Grant Program. There were no public comments.

Monthly bills were presented as $31,052.78. Fiscal year financials: spending is at 80% and revenue is at 98%.

A pay request was approved in the amount of $132.94 for the 2018-2019 LCDBG Rehab of Sewer Crossings.

City Engineer Mark McCarty updated the Council that work on Parkway is slow because of recent rains. They will be gating Parkway with Fire, Police and Public Works having keys.

Mayor Allen discussed the next round of road overlays, asking that Dennis, Marvin and Kings Roads be at the top of the list. McCarty predicted that will be the first quarter of next year and that it needs to be listed in the Oct/Nov Bond issue. Repairs to West Courthouse Street were also discussed – Department of Public Works will do the base.

Three properties are confirmed for condemnation on Anacoco Street, N. Prairie Street and Lot 3 Block 21. The house up for condemnation on Anderson Drive will be reviewed in the October meeting.

Resolutions were passed:

  • Authorizing the Mayor to sign and execute an intergovernmental Service Agreement with LADOTD for vegetation and litter control
  • Authorizing the city to participate in the American Rescue Plan Local Recovery Funds for LA Non-entitlement units of government
  • Authorizing the selection and contract formation for the purchase of a used truck for the fire department , and
  • To enter into a lease purchase agreement with Government Capital Corporation to finance an excavator.

Other notes: Both Veteran's Place and the Vernon Council on Aging have programs in place to assist senior citizens with yard work.

In his closing statements, Mayor Allen suggested the city research information on the H2B program that allows hiring of migrant workers if an effort to staff the contract with Fort Polk. Through this program workers have extensive background checks which would allow them to access Fort Polk.


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