City of Leesville

The City of Leesville City Council met at 3:00 p.m. Monday, September 28, 2020, in the City Council chamber. All members were preset except Nicole Ybarra.

Following the prayer and pledge, minutes for September 14, 2020, were approved.

Monthly bills were presented by Daffine Kennedy in the amount of $42,432.76. Councilman Shapkoff asked about the amount and was told it was slightly higher than normal because it included fuel. There could be some reimbursement in the future.

Nicole Merlino provided the financials: 2 months into the budget – revenue is at 16.7% and expenditures are at 14%.

Pay requests were approved for the following:

  • Runway and Taxiway Micro Surfacing and Striping, Clerk of Court: $205.00
  • Leesville Entrance Road Annexation to Meyer and Associates $5,000
  • Leesville Zoning Map Changes 2019 $1000, and
  • LCDBG Rehab of Sewer Crossings to Meyer and Associates in the amount of $4,819.83.

Two resolutions were passed:

  • Resolution 49 of 2020 authorizes Professional Engineering Services to implement the five year Capital Improvement Plan for the Leesville Municipal Airport.
  • Resolution 50 of 2020 authorizes the application for funds from the DOTD, Division of Aviation to complete construction or enlargement of the airport.

Mayor Allen asked council members to review a packet that would place trailer mounted cameras in school zone areas – large numbers of vehicles traveling well over the speed limits have been recorded. The 3 day total on Nona Street showed 337 cars clocked 11mph or more over the speed limit. On Bellview there were 334 violations and on Berry were 531 speed violations. Mayor Allen is waiting on legal answers to questions before this is formally considered. This company is doing business with other cities in Louisiana.

The meeting adjourned.


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