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The City of Leesville City Council met at 3:00 yesterday afternoon in City Hall.

A public hearing was held before the meeting regarding the ordinance to rezone a certain parcel from A-6 to A-8 and C-3 to build a 38 house subdivision called Briarwood Estates. The petitioner is Woodlands Health Care Center c/o Steve Perry, Developer. There were no public comments and the public hearing closed.

The City Council meeting was called to order. All council members were present except Councilwoman Guess.

Monthly bills are $22,955.15.

The Council approved three sets of pay requests including:

  1. FY 2018 LCDBG Rehabilitation of Sewer Crossings in the amount of $35,678.67;
  2. Vernon Parish Police Jury for Hurricane Laura Debris Removal in the amount of $32,199.27; and
  3. Runway Safety Area Improvements, RET Construction in the amount of $153,789.92.

Ordinance 1 of 2021, to rezone a certain parcel from A-6 to A-8 and C-3 to build a 38 house subdivision called Briarwood Estates, as discussed in the Public Hearing was introduced in the regularly scheduled meeting on February 8, was passed.

Resolution 9 of 2021 for the Mayor and City Council to approve the annual accrual of vacation time and limit accrual of vacation time not to exceed hours based on individual employees time of service had no public comments and was passed.

Resolution 10 of 2021 to appoint Chris Fox as the new Public Works Director for the City of Leesville was passed.

City Administrator Patti Larney reminded the Council that the city is under a boil advisory. The Alexandria lab was closed, so samples had to be sent to Baton Rouge. State Senator Mike Reese addressed the council via telephone and stated he met with Mike Moses about requests for the upcoming session including funding for the Sanitary Sewer system for the extension for Fort Polk Entrance Road and funding for Street Rehabilitation.


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