Fort Polk

BG Frank held the weekly Town Hall meeting Thursday, May 21, 2020.

Important points to note related to General Order 1:

  • the barracks curfew has been lifted,
  • large gatherings have been expanded to 10 people,
  • Gyms are open 0900 – 1900 for soldiers only, and
  • the barbershop hours have been extended to be open over weekends.
  • Churches are reopening this week at 25% and will continue to broadcast live.
  • The 50 mile radius remains in effect to keep soldiers out of Alexandria and Lake Charles where they have had significantly higher infection rates than our part of the state.

The 10-08 rotation will begin next week which means North Fort will be blocked off and ACP 7 will close to public traffic for the duration of the rotation. There will be TCP's at Texas Avenue and Entrance Road.

Garrison Commander Col. Roseberry shared that this weeks opening locations are GNC, GameStop, Pizza Hut & the Beauty Salon by appointment. Next week the Optical Shop, Trophy Shop, Alteration Shop and Smoothie King will reopen. Masks are required to enter all AAFES facilities.

BJACH Commander Col Dugai stated that the dental center will reopen on 1 June and will work through the backlog, patients may begin scheduling on 26 May. They will be seeing 70 patients/ day. LA Health has extended the visitor restriction policy with no end date. COVID Screening will be closed on Monday and will reopen on Tuesday at 0900. Masks are required to enter BJACH and all services have reopened.


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