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Gov. John Bel Edwards held a press conference this afternoon with information on the current COVID stats. There were 1,769 new cases reported today out of about 22,000 tests. Hospitalizations and Ventilator Use is down. The positivity number for the state is over 10% in every parish and the rate of transmission is greater than 1. It is believed we have about 38,000 active cases in the state based on tests, and and additional 25-40% that are asymptomatic. Louisiana is still number one for the most cases per captia.

Today the Department of Corrections is mass testing at the prison in Allen parish. There have been 182 positive results. Testing will continue across the state is all prison facilities.

It is expected that with the additional unemployment benefit being removed from checks tomorrow, there will be a surge in applications for SNAP benefits. With the pandemic EBT approved, all recipients will receive the maximum amount allocated for the size of their household. This will be the 6th month straight for the emergency SNAP amounting to $211 million.

On education, Gov. Edwards announced that Louisiana is one of 11 states being awarded grant funding to help with the back to school costs. The state will receive $75,000 to help cover costs of devices and internet access points.

Lastly, Gov Edwards reminded us while the latest storm headed towards the gulf doesn't apprear to be a threat, it is still hurricane season and historically August and September seem to be when we get hit the hardest. If you have not already go to and make a plan.

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