If you have family or neighbors who evacuated to Texas, all current hotel room reservations for Hurricane Laura evacuees expired at 11:00 am this morning. Evacuees from multiple 706- and 714- zip codes may register for continued lodging from the State of Texas, if needed, by calling 1-888-991-5229.

Eligible Louisiana zip codes (Address verification is required prior to check-in):

70601, 70602, 70605, 70606, 70607, 70609, 70611, 70612, 70615, 70616, 70629

70630, 70631, 70632, 70633, 70634, 70637, 70639, 70643, 70644, 70645, 70646

70647, 70650, 70652, 70653, 70654, 70656, 70657, 70658, 70659, 70660, 70661

70662, 70663, 70664, 70665, 70668, 70669, 71403, 71439, 71443, 71446, 71459

71461, 71474, 71475, 71496

They ask that evacuees register with the Virtual Reception Center no later than 3:00 today. They will then be provided with a confirmation code within 3-4 hours via email or text. They are asked to arrive at the new hotel no later than 3pm Thursday September 17th. Upon arrival to your hotel, please check-in with the on site state of Texas Emergency Tracking Network (ETN) Team.

Please note: If you do not check-in to your new hotel room by 3pm Thursday September 17th, 2020, your reservation will be canceled, and you will need to call the registration number again for a new code.

Those not eligible for continued sheltering and need state bus transportation assistance to their home parish in Louisiana may call 337-310-4636.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management continues to work with our partners at the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and the American Red Cross to offer support services to residents from areas that still have a sheltering need.

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