City of DeRidder

DeRidder City Council met on Monday, August 10 at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers in DeRidder City Hall. All members were present.

A resolution was adopted appointing Mayor Misty Clanton as a Director to the Board of the Louisiana Local Government Environmental Facilities and Community Development Authority.

There were 6 introductions – all will have public hearings on August 24, 2020, in the regularly scheduled meeting, unless otherwise indicated:

  1. To enter into a Civil Law Enforcement Agreement with the Department of the Navy Surface Warfare Center Crane Division to lease night vision equipment for use by the DeRidder Police Department;
  2. To approve and adopt the Title 6 program as amended by the LA Department of Transportation;
  3. To renew the levy of a 7.62 mills ad valorem tax on the assessed value of all the assessable property in the corporate limits of the city of DeRidder;
  4. To assess an ad valorem tax for police and fire operations in the amount of 2.74 mills for 10 years beginning in 2016;
  5. To contract with Windham Reed to audity the city's financial statements. And,
  6. An Emergency ordinance was introduced with Cumins Sales and Service Repair for the damaged generator at the main water plant. Any power lost beyond the 4 hour generator on the damaged generator would eliminate the well from the water system, destroy communications to all of the City of DeRidder wells, and force operators to work around the clock at the main water plant. The public hearing for this ordinance was held and the ordinance was adopted.

Public Hearings were held regarding:

  1. A cooperative endeavor with the LA Department of Veteran's Affairs relative to the maintenance and operation of the Veterans Services Office in DeRIdder
  2. Contract with Humana Medicare for health insurance for active or retired city employees over the age of 65.

Both were adopted.


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