City of DeRidder

The DeRidder City Council met at 5:30 p.m. Monday, June 24, 2019.

All jurors were in attendance.

Three citizens addressed the Council.

Mike Reese, candidate for Senate District 30 greeted the Council and used the opportunity to explain his qualifications for the position.

Ms. Dale Safford asked for clarification about the possibility of visiting the old log cabin across 4th Street from the City Offices. She was referred to the Beauregard Museum to scheduled a time.

Ms. McCoy was the last to speak. She shared the lights at her daughters grave at Beauregard Cemetery had been broken. Ms. McCoy had called City Hall and while Mayor Clanton was out of the office, another employee had told her that the lights needed to come down and that the plot would be mowed with the rest of the cemetery despite the no mowing sign erected by Ms. McCoy. Mayor Clanton agreed to meet with Ms. McCoy to discuss the issue.

Only one ordinance was introduced that would rezone property located on Highway 190 West from O-L – Open Land to B-3 General Business District as requested by Beauregard Real Property LLC.

In other discussion, Mayor Clanton shared that Gyth Rigdon would be performing at the 4th of July Celebration and that events would be moved farther down the road away from the Amerisafe Pavilion.

It was also discussed that citizens who needed assistance from animal control should call the police department, who would then contact the Animal Control Officer. It was mentioned that on weekends that service would only be available in the case of vicious dogs.


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