The DeRidder City Council met at 5:30 p.m. June 10, 2019. The meeting opened with Chuck Dowden, candidate for State Representative District 30, introducing himself and stating his positions and qualifications to fill the job. Scott Sterns, Public Affairs Officer at Fort Polk shared that he is leaving this month and moving to a new position at White Sands NM. Mayor Clanton presented him with a certificate of appreciation.

In the resolutions, the Beauregard Daily News was listed as the official journal for the city of DeRidder, and the council adopted the plans, policies, appointments and authorizations for compliance with the FY 2019 Louisiana Community Development Block Grant.

The Council voted to approve ordinances covering dental and vision coverage for city employees, disability and life insurance and health insurance. Each of the current policies expire on July 31, 2019.

An ordinance allowing a special exception was voted and authorized to allow Trekeisha Anderson the authority to use her property at 402 E. 5th Street, which is presently zones R-3 (multiple family residential district) as her home and to place a Class B mobile home on the property. The house will be skirted and the tongue will be removed.

In the reports, Mayor Clanton reminded the Council and guests that there would be an Army birthday ceremony at 10am on Friday in the War Memorial Civic Center wit h the 519th Military Police. 4th of July will be celebrated on the 4th . Specific details will be available in the next meeting on June 24, but that we should expect fireworks, food and music.

Fire Chief Ken Harlow reported that this year's fire safety camp was a success – they had more than 40 participants, 50 had registered, which is the maximum number.

Col. Jarrett Thomas thanked the council for their support of the military community and Fort Polk during his tenure here. Col Thomas presented a Key-to-Fort-Polk to Mayor Clanton and the Council.


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