The DeRidder City Council met at 5:30 p.m. Monday, May 14, 2019, and opened with Police Chief Rudy recognizing the 2019 Officer of the Year Chris Stracener.

A public hearing was held for the FY 2020-21 LCDBG Application. There were no public comments.

Ordinances were introduced authorizing Trekeisha Anderson a special exception to place a class b mobile home at 402 E. 5th street to be used as her residence. The current zoning is R-3 multi family. The exception would only apply for 10 years and only as long as she owns the property and lives there. The public hearing will be June 10, 2019.

An ordinance was introduced authorizing the City of DeRidder to enter into a highway maintenance contract with the state of Louisiana DOTD with a public hearing date of May 28, 2019.

An ordinance was introduced to authorize the City of DeRidder to contract with Amguard insurance for liability coverage beginning June 1, 2019. The Public hearing date is May 28.

There was also a public hearing held to annex a section of land on Highway 190 W. This location would be used to build a 142 bed facility owned by Westwood Manor.

The meeting regularly scheduled for may 27 has been moved to Tuesday May 28.

The Council recognized 3 seniors from the Mayors Youth Council: Karrington Hardin, Madison Colwell and Khloe Meaut.


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