DeRidder City Council

DeRidder City Council met last night with the meeting livestreamed on the Council's facebook page. President Hooper was absent due to the death of his father.

Patrick Smythe with Waste Connections addressed the council. Waste Connections has placed a priority on picking up the residential garbage during the pandemic as it is a greater health risk than branches and plant trash. The crews have been working 10-12 hour days including Saturdays to ensure it is all picked up and disposed of. The weather we've had has encouraged those stuck at home to take part in a lot of yard work. Waste Connections has had employees out being quarantined, but in the last two weeks has seen a rise in attendance from their employees and have been picking up yard trash to the point of 7-9 loads per day.

Five Ordinances were introduced: a highway maintenance agreement with the state of Louisiana related to the upkeep of state highways withing the city limits; liability insurance, vision, dental and disability and health insurance for city employees. Public hearing dates for all of the Introductions is May 26, 2020.

The Council adjusted the meeting date for the next meeting as May 25 is Memorial Day. The next council meeting will be Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

Member discussions included the question how close is the water department to finishing the work on S. Texas Street and 8th Street. The bulk of the work has been completed, but Mayor Clanton acknowledge that is a very old section of sewer line and they won't be able to do an overlay until the system is upgraded.


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