City of DeRidder

DeRidder City Council called a special meeting last night to address insurance issues and emergency payments incurred from the sewer repairs on West 8th Street over the last month.

All members were present except Councilman Larkin.

No visitors addressed the council.

A resolution was passed naming the Beauregard Daily News as the official journal of the DeRidder City Council for 2020.

An amendment was introduced for the operating budget of revenues and expenditures for the City of DeRidder for the year 10/1/2019 – 9/30/2020. A public hearing will be held on June 8, 2020.

Three emergency introductions were made for bills from the West 8th Street sewer repairs – the bills were presented from MasterCraft Construction, Wastewater Specialists, and B. D. Keel and Sons Construction. All were approved and adopted by vote. There was discussion on resurfacing that section of road. Mr. Landry indicated that was part of the project and an overlay would be completed.

Public hearing were held to approve a highway maintenance contract with LADOTD for mowing, to contract with Amguard Insurance for liability coverage for 2020, Reliance Standard Life for vision and dental coverage for city employees, Lincoln National Life for disability and life insurance for city employees, and United Healthcare Insurance for healthcare coverage for city employees. All were approved and adopted.

Tommy Landry, Public Works Director for the City of DeRidder announced that beginning June 1, 2020, the North Street Bridge will be closed. It is expected that work will begin to replace the bridge on or around June 15, with everything finished and reopened by the end of October. Residents and guests to the Twin Lakes area will need to use the entrance from Hwy 171.


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