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Today's COVID-19 Update shows the total number of confirmed cases across the state as 36,925, which is an increase of 421 from yesterday.

The number of deaths was listed as 2545, which is up 39 from yesterday.

Locally reported:

182 cases in Allen Parish with 10 deaths,

56 in Beauregard Parish with 4 deaths,

567 in Calcasieu Parish with 43 deaths,

145 in Natchitoches Parish with 13 deaths,

600 in Rapides Parish with 20 deaths

39 in Sabine Parish, and

23 in Vernon Parish with 3 deaths.

There are 867 hospitalized across the state, and 104 on ventilators. These numbers continue to decline.

Gov. John Bel Edwards held a press conference this afternoon. One of the first things he noted is that the last time the number of patients hospitalized was this low was the end of March.

He confirmed that there were 23 new labs processing tests reporting yesterday with some of those results dating back to March 25 – which explains why there was such a large spike.

The impact of the comprehensive testing will also results in more cases, however most of them seem to be asymptomatic or ony mildly symptomatic.

The goal has been to run 200,000 tests every month – for May we have run 143,577 as of today. It is easy to get tested and the Medicare expansion makes testing available for more people.

Remdesivir has shown positive results in treating the COVID-19 and is being sent out to the states. It is given in either 5 day or 10 day treatments.

This week the application process opened for the P-EBT program to provide meals for children who were on the free or reduced lunch program at their schools – as of today more than 330,000 applications have been processed with is more than half of all eligible students in the state.

And we were reminded that the way to move forward into Stage II is to follow the suggestions during Stage I. The decision on moving up will be announced on June 1.

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