City of Leesville

Leesville City Council met at 3:00 p.m. Monday, September 9, 2019, with all members present.

Ordinance 13 of 2019 was adopted to amend Chapter 50 of the City Code of Ordinances regarding open and closing hours, and Ordinance 14 was passed turning over the administration of Alcoholic Beverage Handling Employee Cards to the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control in order to eliminate duplicate requirements.

The following resolutions were passed unanimously:

  • El Patio Mexican Grill n Alexandria Highway was granted a Class A Alcohol Permit;
  • the Council adopted the millage rates levied on the 2019 tax roll on all property subject to taxation;
  • the Council supports the Congressional Designation of the Route for Interstate 14 on the Gulf Coast Strategic Highway Project;
  • the Mayor is authorized to sign an FAA Grant application for the Leesville Airport Runway End and Turn About Design Project, authorize bid advertisements for professional services, accept funding upon approval and execute all terms of the agreement;
  • and the council approved change order #5 for the ground storage tank for north water plant to include installation of new SCADA System to monitor and test pump functions.
  • Lastly, Mayor Allen added a resolution to allow an ISGA to allow JRTC to use the Leesville Airport for training purposes.

Patti Larney City Administrator shared that there was another break in at the pool on Monday. Juveniles have been detained and the broken windows have been boarded.


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