The City of Leesville City Council meeting was held at 3:00 yesterday afternoon in City Hall. All members were present.

A public hearing was held before the meeting for public discussion regarding Ordinance 8 of 2019 that covers the city notifying residents of corrections needed to property, of the city having to make the corrections themselves and liability for costs should the city need to make the corrections. There were no public comments made. During the meeting, Ordinance 8 was the first item up for a vote. It was passed unanimously.

Resolution 56 would allow the Mayor to sign and execute an agreement between the City of Leesville and the Louisiana Department of Veteran's Affairs;

Resolution 57 allows the Mayor to sign and execute the Federal Aviation Administration Grant and the State of Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development for the Leesville Municipal Airport Project: “ Improve North Runway 18/36 Safety Areas Phase II Construction.

Resolution 58 approved a Class A alcohol permit application for the Jamaican Spot restaurant in Leesville.

And Resolution 59 authorized the Mayor to sign a request for a line of credit for the capital outlay fund regarding the 2019-2020 Street Rehabilitation and Extension Project.

All resolutions were passed unanimously.

City Planner Grant Bush was recognized for his significant contributions to the City of Leesville during his tenure here.

And as mentioned this morning, following the meeting, Council members and guests gathered on the south side of City Hall to dedicate the street that runs between the one-ways in memory of the Late Councilman At Large, William Thomas aka Chop Thomas.


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