City of Leesville

In the City of Leesville City Council meeting at 3:00 p.m. Monday, July 8, 2019, there were three public hearings, two of which were later voted on and accepted, the third was an introduction. No one signed up to speak at any of the hearings.

Following the public hearings and during the meeting, Ordinance 6 of 2019 was adopted by unanimous vote which rezones a lot on Haynes Road from A-7 Multi Family Urban District to A-6 Single Family Urban District to allow for a 14x8 mobile home to be installed for a family residence. It was clarified before the vote that there would be a time frame given for the mobile home to have the tongue removed, skirting installed and the property cleaned.

Ordinance 7 of 2019 was adopted by unanimous vote to accept the application for annexation of New Willow Baptist Church and it's properties into the corporate limits of the City of Leesville.

Ordinance 8 of 2019 was introduced to amend Chapter 30 Article 2 Section 30-100 for the maintenance of immovable property within the City of Leesville , providing for notice to correct prohibited condition of the property, providing for authority to the City of Leesville to correct prohibited conditions of such property and providing for liability for costs of such corrections by the city. This will be before the Council for adoption at the meeting scheduled for July 22.

There were also 3 resolutions passed which approved the Leesville Daily Leader as the City's Legal Journal for 2019-2020, approved a Change Order for Meyer and Meyer Associates regarding Screen Washing and Inspection for well #16, and to allow Vanguard Utility Services to replace certain water meters in the city.

All council members and Mayor Allen were present except for Councilwoman Thomas.


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