The Beauregard Parish Police Jury and committees met earlier in the day on Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

Items on the agenda included approval of a new parish road GIS system, appointing Calcasieu Parish as the fiscal agent for the Louisiana Watershed Initiative Agreement and to appoint Jacob Marceaux as the Region 4 member of the Watershed Steering Committee.

Pam Richards spoke to the Solid Waste Committee earlier in the day to request the Jury to adopt an ordinance for garbage pickup similar to the one used in the city, for areas in the Parish. Richards indicated she has had ongoing issues with neighbors leaving trash can out and piling trash up all week, and complaints and requests for assistance from the Constable being ignored. The jury agreed to discuss the issue with the Constable to determine if his involvement doesn't curb the issue.

The Jury approved allowing the EPA to access Jury owned properties for sampling, expected to begin as early as November, with the understanding that the Jury will have input into the sample locations.

The Finance committee discussed a service agreement with Outpatient Medical Center for dental services for inmates at the Beauregard Parish Jail and the purchase of Advanced MD Software to track inmate medical records.

The Road and Bridge Committee approved lowering the weight limit on Grantham Road Bridge to 5 tons.

TheBeauregard Parish Police Jury was recognized during the Finance committee meeting for a 5 year Worker's Compensation average of less than 1% and were awarded the McGriff Crystal Lighthouse Beam Award for their program safety.


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