The Beauregard Parish Police Jury Committees met yesterday afternoon, followed by the regularly scheduled meeting of the Jury. The first committee to meet was Ways and Means. The main topic was the creation of a Drainage District and Board for Beauregard Parish. There were a large number of visitors for this meeting, all of the agreeing on the same topic: that South Beauregard Parish, specifically in area south of Ragley and East of Highway 171, has a serious problem with water drainage.

Multiple residents spoke to the Jury describing the issues they have had over the last few years, and continue to have. The ongoing request was for the Jury to dig out the ditches and provide a place for the water to go. The Jury responded that there are only 5 employees in that area who are responsible for roads, mowing, maintenance and road repairs, that there has to be a funding source for the project and that all residents must allow access to the right of way. The idea of a Drainage District would provide a focus to these issues – a district has previously been created but it was never staffed and utilized.

The scheduled meeting of the Beauregard Parish Police Jury began with Dewith Carrier and Christian Poncho, both candidates for the State House of Representatives District # 32 introduced themselves and shared their vision for their role in state leadership. James Allemang received an award for 10 years of service with the Police Jury.

Notable issues include

The approval to advertise amendment to Ordinance 7-88 to increase the speed limit from 35 mph to 45 mph on Seth Cole Road from Highway 190 to Pershing Loftin Road;

Advertising to decrease the speed from 35 mph to 15 mph on Euclid Road;

A request from the city of Merryville for road repairs and grading was passed.

It was adopted to amend Ordinance 1-2013 section 3 so that reimbursements for co-payments of inmates medical is not to exceed 50% of any balance after deposit.

Leona Hollingsworth resigned from the Hospital Service District #2 Board, Wade Miller, Martha Banks and Ruthy Reed were all reappointed. Nancy Tower will fill the unexpired term of Buck Ashworth on the Fire Protection District #2 Board. Travis McGee and Benjanmen Davis were both moved to full time positions with benefits,

and lastly City Administrator Brian McRenolds request approval to pay emergency work orders totaling $31,178.87 accrued in May as a result of the flooding.


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