Allen Parish

Walk through a swamp outside, but inside: experience the smells, sights, and sounds deep in the swamp. The ghostly Cajun will tell you about life in the swamp and show you where recipe cards are so you can cook real Cajun food. Punch a number to play a record on their vintage jukebox and do the Cajun to step around the dance floor. Strap on the scrub board or grab the accordion and take a picture with their Cajun band. Spend time in the Coushatta heritage exhibit and the military exhibit and see how Allen Parish honors its veterans on the Wall of Honor.

To sooth those hunger pains, you will travel to Roy’s catfish hut in Kinder what are your taste buds will come to life. Here you can get some of the tastiest seafood and steaks in this part of the country. Or a good old hamburger is more to your liking, then you can double down on one of the best burgers and fries anywhere. If you have never had a Fried pistolet then let It be your first one.

Next, go to the kinder Antiques and Flea that is a chockablock full of treasures! Time to shop to you drop! After you have shopped til you drop-then you will travel to Oakdale to visit Gypsy Blue Antiques and more. 

Last but not least, a special pick me up treat is an order. Right on over to Jewel’s Quick Stop for some of the best Boudin in the country, and make sure to take enough home for supper.

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