The following booking were logged by the Leesville Police Department: 

Kristoff Javeed Carby, Age: 24

Booked: 9/4/2020

Aggravated Flight from an Officer Bond: $25,000.00

Careless Operation Bond: $3,500.00

Reckless Operation (2 counts) Bond: $4,495.00

Stop Signs and Yield Signs (8 counts) Bond: $5,080.00

Bertha D. Foy, Age: 49

Booked: 9/10/2020

Contempt of Court FTA Arraignment Bond: $25,000.00

Jesse Wayne Horne, Age: 37

Booked: 9/8/2020

Driving Under Suspension Bond: $500.00

Switched Plates Bond: $500.00

Failure to Secure Registration Bond: $500.00

No Insurance Bond: $500.00

Heather Leann Hyatt, Age: 34

Booked: 9/4/2020

Simple Battery Bond: $1,500.00

Luis Manuel Lara, Age: 28

Booked: 9/6/2020

Reckless Operation Bond: $1,000.00

Driver Must Be Licensed Bond: $750.00

David Marroquin, Age: 36

Booked: 9/8/2020

Disturbing the Peace Bond: $500.00

Interference with an Investigation Bond: $1,000.00

Possession of Marijuana Bond: $3,000.00

Danny Ray Mearse, Age: 36

Booked: 9/10/2020

Theft of a Motor Vehicle Bond: $10,000.00

Shane Rolland Reeves, Age: 43

Booked: 9/5/2020

Driving Under Suspension

Contempt of Court FTA Arraignment

Carrie Lea Stephens, Age: 43

Booked: 9/4/2020

Theft Under $1000 Bond: $1,000.00

Julien Brock Stevens, Age: 34

Booked: 9/4/2020

Possession of CDS - Schedule II Bond: $25,000.00

Prohibited Acts-Drug Paraphernalia Bond: $1,561.00

Sharon Kay Walker, Age: 65

Booked: 9/6/2020

Possession of CDS-Schedule II Bond: $15,000.00

Possession of Marijuana Bond: $1,561.00

Prohibited Acts-Drug Paraphernalia Bond: $1,561.00

Turning Movements and Required Signals Bond: $635.00

Licensee to Have License in Immediate Possession Bond: $635.00

Any indication of an arrest does not mean the individual identified has been convicted of a crime. All persons arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

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