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Official Contest Rules

Stannard Broadcasting Co., Inc. Contest Rules

The radio stations making up the Stannard Broadcasting Co., Inc.'s station group (KVVP-FM/KROK-FM/KUMX-FM) advise the following on Official Contest Rules (note: some rules may vary for specific contests held). Any individual who enters or attempts to enter, or participates in any way in a Contest of Giveaway held by the station group agrees to the following terms and conditions provided in these Official Contest Rules:

No Purchase Necessary: unless otherwise noted within a specific contest there will be no purchase necessary to enter in to a Contest or Giveaway

Void Where Prohibited: all Contests and Giveaways are applicable to federal, state, and local laws and regulations and participation in Contests and Giveaways are Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Eligibility: unless otherwise noted, each Contest or Giveaway is open only to individuals who are legal U.S. residents, 18 years of age or older, and reside within the station group's listening area.

Employees of the station group and their families are not eligible to enter.

Winning Frequency Limits: winners of Contests or Giveaways are limited to 1 winner per household per 30 day period unless otherwise noted (30 day period begins the day the winner is announced and notified they have won).

How To Enter: entry methods for Contests and Giveaways will be advertised along with the Contest or Giveaway information. There will generally be on-air call ins, website registration, or in-store registration boxes. WARNING: online listeners may experience lag in the online streaming of the station.

Online Entries: entrants must complete all required information to be qualified to enter.

On-air Entries: entrants must be the correct designated caller. Caller may also be asked to correctly perform a certain "task" after calling in (answering a question correctly, guessing the number of times something happens/happened etc.) WARNING: online listeners may experience lag in the online streaming of the station and the station group has no control over the lag.

Winner has 30 days from when first notified to pick up their prize(s). After the 30 days the prize(s) will be revoked and a new winner will be drawn/selected. 

Personal Information: the station group will keep the entrant's personal data for a reasonable period of time to enable it to notify that entrant any prize that they have won and to verify that these Official Rules have been complied with, and for accounting purposes.


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