Health Highlights: June 23, 2022​

Acupuncture may ease tension headaches. People who got 20 true acupuncture sessions over two months had fewer headache days than those who received a superficial acupuncture technique, new research shows. Read more

Moderna says new Omicron-targeted vaccine works well. The new vaccine booster is highly effective against the Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5, the company said. Read more

Lots of Americans need help getting a good night's sleep. In a new survey, about 28% of Americans say insomnia is taking a toll on their daily lives, and about 64% say they take pharmaceutical sleep aids to help them rest. Read more

Breast cancer may spread faster at night. When patients sleep, tumor cells may 'awaken' and spread through the bloodstream, new research shows. Read more

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