River Oaks Square

The River Oaks Square Arts Center presents their Annual Summer Show May 28th - August 7th. The Bolton Davis Gallery will be featuring works of 30+ River Oaks Resident Artists, the Gallierie Des Amis will feature "When Winter Comes" by Beck O'Neal, and the Stokes-Harris Gallery will feature "Rain & Steel" by Matt Dawson. 

They will also have their Summer Art Studio June 7th - July 30th. 

For more information visit riveroaksartscenter.com

From their website: 

This year’s Resident Artist Summer Show will be no different and many of the resident artists have been planning and working on their pieces for a long time, often starting the earliest notions when the last summer show is still in the gallery. This year's show will feature works by 30 resident artists showcasing various styles and media by Janet Ahrens, Bethany Billiot Hollingsworth, Barbara B. Clover, David Crain, Jane Crowell, Barbara J Davidson, Alison Delaney, Karen Faulk, Tish Fresh, Veretta Garrison-Moller, Laura Gates, Sylvia Kerry, Morgan Lasyone, Dr. Denise Lott, Maria Manemann, Tony Martin, Lindsay Moore, Leah Morace, Elizabeth Morgan, Barry Owen, Charrisa Owens, Martha L. Pete, Rhonda Reap-Curiel, Chastity Sayer-Smith, Carole Steele, Margie Tate, JoAnne Thompson, Amber Voorhies, Jasmine Washington, and Sheila Soileau White. 

Being in residence doesn’t just give the artists much needed space, it affords them a level of credibility and injects them into a thriving downtown culture. Many days River Oaks Resident Artists can be found around downtown, in coffee shops and restaurants, soaking up inspiration and injecting a creative spirit in those around them.

“The 2021 Annual Summer Show doesn’t have a specific theme, we simply wanted all of our resident artists to bring the best of the best,” continues Dauzat. “Showcasing their unique talents with their own favorite subjects, media and inspirations. The show remains on display through the summer months which also provides inspiration for our summer art studio campers!”

Concurrently with ‘When Winter Comes’ by Becky O’Neal in the Galerie des Amis and ‘Rain & Steel’ by Matt Dawson in the Stokes-Harris Gallery. Becky O’Neal is a southeast regional artist, who has an extensive background in fine art, photography and design. Her completed works have been known ro reflect an interest in nature, people, landscapes and landscape objects indigenous to the southeast United States.  She has made a name for herself regionally with paintings that capture the simple and subtle beauty of people and regional natural landscapes juxtaposed against the agricultural landscapes of man. With paint strokes that are loose and fluid, Becky creates spontaneous paintings that capture subjects with hues, interesting abstractions of shadows, reflections and luminous light.

Matt Dawson meanwhile is known as both painter and pharmacist in Pineville. The Natchitoches native has been a pharmacist for 21 years and has been active in the arts community since 1993. Matt has a love for acrylics for their versatility and brightness has worked in a wide variety of styles from realism to abstract but tends to focus on impressionism. “‘Rain and Steel’ focuses on the shadows and lights of the bustling city,” says the artist. “Some are familiar scenes and some are fabricated, but they all have the theme of life of today in an urban environment. I try to keep the images as loose as possible while still retaining a sense of traveling in a canyon of steel and concrete.” As such we can look forward to rainy or wet scenes for the sheer beauty of light bouncing off the slick rain soaked streets and highways, giving life to modern depictions of city life.

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